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Here are 3 Burning Questions that you should ask in 2018

  1. Are you Over Insured or Under Insured?
  2. Who Is Your Emergency Contact?
  3. Is the beneficiary up to date on your life insurance policy (s)?


Are you Over Insured or Under Insured?

The primary purpose of all insurance – Home, Auto, Life, Umbrella – is to have enough coverage to protect your assets. If you own a house and your home value is increasing, you may need more Liability protection. If you’re at a downsizing state in your life, maybe you need less coverage. In 2018, we’re investing in software and technology to help all of our clients figure out the answer to this question.


Who Is Your Emergency Contact?

We live in a dangerous world. Agree? Any questions? Any of us at any time can find ourselves in an insurance claim situation where we are unable to speak for ourselves.

First, what’s an Emergency Contact? An Emergency Contact is someone, outside of your household, who you trust to make an insurance decision on your behalf – if you are incapacitated or unable to speak for yourself. This year we’ll be contacting all of our policy holders to make sure we have an Emergency Contact listed on your policy.


Is Your Beneficiary up to date on all of your life insurance policies?

Life changes every day. People get married. People get divorced. People pass away. Children come of age. Amidst all of these changes and the natural stress, pressure and anxiety that comes with it – it’s easy to forget to notify your employer, your agent, banker or broker – or whoever else may carry your life insurance, if it’s not with us – that your life has changed and you need to change your beneficiary. We’ve begun this work already with the hundreds of you that have life insurance and other financial products through our agency. In 2018, we’ll extend this work to our clients and prospects that may or may not have these products with our agency.


Bottom line? Enjoy all the time that’s left on the clock in 2017. Know that all of us at the Abraham Kevin Spann & Sons Allstate Agency are thinking about you as PEOPLE, not POLICYHOLDERS. Thanks for letting us be of service in 2017 – we look forward to working even harder for you in 2018!