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Vanguard Technical Solutions, LLC- Darren A. Wallace

Darren A. Wallace, President & CEO has a solid business background spanning 30 years in various technology positions. Having started his career after graduating from college with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science. He began working as a Trainer for GLTN Computer Consultants, Inc. on Long Island in the mid 80's. He quickly moved up to the position of Training Manager where he developed the company's Consulting Division creating various Microsoft Access based applications for companies. During his tenure with the company, he attained his Microsoft Certified Trainer's Certification (MCT), Windows Certification and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certification (MCSD), where he taught various Microsoft Certified Courses in Visual Basic and technologies as well as SQL Server design and implementation.

Vanguard Technical Solutions, LLC is a company dedicated to providing business solutions using the latest technology to advance and enhance a corporation or businesses bottom line profits by creating comprehensive, robust technological solutions, which result in an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of daily business operations.

GLTN Computer Consultants was eventually sold to Mentortech, Inc. where Darren was given the position of Training Manager over the combined Training Departments of the now merged companies with responsibilities overseeing training for organizations like the United Nations, Pfizer and Manufacturers Hanover Trust. Darren later accepted a position at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Long Island as the Director of Training. He managed and trained a staff over 40 technical Trainers and trained a plethora of employees and executives in the latest Microsoft technology. After working with the world's leading Training company, he decided to focus his career aspirations on systems design, development, implementation and database administration.

Darren landed a position with Viacom, Inc., one of the world's leading telecommunications businesses, as a Technical Manager of the Financial Application Development team, where he developed and supported various SQL Server and Sybase applications. He and his team developed and supported systems for the combined subsidiary businesses of Viacom, BET and Showtime during his employment with this company.

After the tragedy of 9-11, Darren left Viacom to accept a position with Merrill Lynch, Inc., as an Assistant Vice President in charge of application development for the various financial business units internal to the company. He enjoyed 10 years of employment and during this period, he was promoted several times, finally becoming the Vice President of Application Development for the Greater New York Region. He and his team provided, developed and supported well over 100 business applications to streamline various business processes, mitigate financial risks/exposure and improve efficiency, accuracy and enhance bottom line profits.

Immediately after the financial collapse of the housing market, which resulted in the purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, there was a downsizing of Darren's team ultimately leaving him with increased responsibilities. Because of his personal and professional creed of being solution driven and goal oriented, he was offered a promotion to Vice President of Global Markets and Research Technology responsible for application development for the integrating the various Merrill Lynch Systems with Bank of Americas worldwide. After a few more years of service with the now newly designated Bank of America-Merrill Lynch organization, Darren decided to pursue his life long ambition to establish his own technology company and provide leading edge development and support to small and medium size business, with the same dedication and professionalism he afforded fortune 500 companies.


Phone: (347) 944-4128