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Cooper & Paroff P.C.- Allen Abraham


The attorneys at Cooper & Paroff P.C. offer insightful legal advice and services in numerous areas of law including Landlord & Tenant, Residential & Commercial Leases, Collections, Civil Litigation, and others.

Cooper & Paroff P.C. would be pleased to offer an initial, confidential consultation where an experienced attorney will listen to the client’s concerns and help them to make informed decisions regarding their case.

Our Team

For over 30 years, the firm of Cooper & Paroff P.C. has provided clients with the highest quality of legal representation.

The attorneys at Cooper & Paroff P.C. are committed to providing each client with prompt, personalized attention, focusing on the individual issues of the clients and helping to solve their problems and achieve their goals efficiently and forcefully.

80-02 Kew Gardens Road Suite #300

Key Gardens, NY 11415

Phone: (718) 793-1311