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Anthony M. Lise | Carol L. Buell Law & Mediation

Associate attorney Anthony M. Lise has a keen respect for the law and a desire to use the law to effectuate change. After completing an independent study on Lawrence v. Texas, a landmark case granting same-sex couples a right of privacy and freedom from government interference in their intimate relationships, while an undergraduate at Vassar College, it became clear to Anthony that the law was his calling.

At Carol L. Buell Law & Mediation, Anthony works with Carol L. Buell on non-traditional family law matters, including second-parent adoptions, prenuptial and domestic partnership agreements, parenting agreements, divorce and domestic partnership dissolution, and donor agreements, He is the Founder and Chair of the Family & Matrimonial Law Steering Committee of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (“LeGaL”) and a member of LeGaL’s Foundation Board of Directors. In five short years, Anthony has become a valuable member of the LGBTQ family law bar in the city of New York.

Anthony has also developed an expertise in the purchase and sale of residential real estate. Clients appreciate the care and thoroughness of his representation, handling all aspects of the transaction, from initial advice about how best to structure the contract, to an efficient and drama-free closing.

11 Park Place, Suite 606

New York, NY 10007

Phone: (212) 967-5710