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No More Struggling for School Supplies

Thank you to everybody who recommended friends to our agency for a quote and to those who stopped by the office to donate school supplies. We truly appreciate your support!

Over 100 kids received their school supplies! 





Struggling parents sometimes spend money they don’t have to provide their kids with tools they require to protect them from the effects of poverty in their education.


Experts say schools now a day have less money for scholastic supplies, which force them to depend on parents for items such as pencils, markers, papers, cleaning supplies, etc. While this is a hassle for middle-class families, imagine how this can be a burden for low-income families who already struggle with basic necessities.


Local Low-Income Families Who Cannot Afford School Supplies



We'll Donate
on your Behalf


This year, our agency is taking matters into our own hands and we are covering local families’ school supply expenses, what is to them a financial burden.



Our agency will donate $10 for every recommendation you send our way to receive a no obligation quote, in order to buy school supplies, and we'll add you to our monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card. Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!








White, Martha C. NBC News. Back-to-School Costs Soar, Burdening the Poor. Aug 10, 2014.




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